Workspace rental in a comfortable space in the center of Cherkasy.

Working alongside you will be project managers, designers, and programmers. You will have the opportunity to visit all evening events being held in the space free of charge.

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Working hours: Monday – Friday from 08:00 to 20:00

Workspace rental cost: 500 UAH for one space for 2 weeks

For more detailed information, contact Ivan Podolian: 097-495-0707

Cherkasy Souvenirs

We want everyone to be able to bring a little piece of Cherkasy to other cities and countries of the world.

For this purpose, we produce postcards, calendars, and other souvenirs representing Cherkasy’s most recognizable landmarks. Each series of souvenir products is made in partnership with up-and-coming Cherkasy designers. Currently, three postcard series are available:

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Our calendar “Мій щасливий рік в Черкасах” (My Happy Year in Cherkasy) is also available.

You can purchase souvenirs at the Promolod office at address: 5 Symonenka Street. To make an order or if you are interested in collaborating, please visit our “Черкаси: Міські сувеніри” Facebook page.


Event Planning

We will help you hold events in Cherkasy: trainings, lectures, seminars, workshops, presentations, discussions, film screenings, forums, and conferences.

We offer a venue in the center of the city that can accommodate 45 people and is equipped with a projector, flipcharts, powerful internet, and everything else needed to work in comfort.

We will disseminate information and attract your target audience to your event. We have a network of more than 6000 followers on Facebook, good relationships with leading local media outlets, and contacts with the city’s officials and thought leaders. We provide professional PR support ahead of, during, and after your event, including design services and event photography and video.

For more details, contact Daryna Podolian: 0935887257

Strategic Planning Sessions

Whether you have an organization, a social project, or a business endeavor, we will help your team systematize your experience, analyze your current situation, and establish a path forward to your desired future. We will plan and deliver a strategic planning session that meets your team’s unique needs. We us non-formal methods to help you craft a development strategy that works and that reflects your goals and values.


We help early-career community activists master the tools of successful project implementation. For more experienced nongovernmental organizations, we help you obtain specific skills and take a meaningful step forward in your professional development.

We offer trainings on the following topics:

  • Project management for social/community projects
  • Business models for community projects
  • Communications and public relations (PR)
  • Attracting and mobilizing resources for your project. Reporting and finances for nongovernmental organizations.
  • Cultivating and maintaining partnerships
  • Presenting your project to the public
  • Transforming a community initiative into a professional organization


We are ready to provide educational services that cater to your specific needs.