Promolod is a nongovernmental organization that has worked in Cherkasy since 2014 to develop the capacity of people to realize their ideas for social and business projects. We create an environment conducive to dialogue, collaboration, and the development of Cherkasy’s citizens.

our mission

We develop the human and social capital of Cherkasy

Our Areas of Work

  • Urbanistics and City Dialogue Practices

    We engage civil society organizations, local citizens, businesses, and city administrators in dialogue about matters important to the city, and facilitate shared decision-making practices regarding the development of city spaces. Our main projects in this area are our Signage Lab and the Sylvan Theatre international architectural competition.

  • Non-formal Education for Entrepreneurs

    At the Cherkasy Entrepreneurship School “SMRNK” we provide the tools and supportive environment a person needs to launch and develop his or her own business. Through networking and educational events, we are forming and developing a community of progressive and responsible entrepreneurs in our city.  

  • Civil Society Development

    At our social projects incubator “Idea - Action - Result” we give community activists the knowledge, instruments, and supportive environment they need to implement their projects. We also help community initiatives and organizations to develop themselves through strategic planning sessions and education for their teams.

Our Values

  • Enjoying Our Work

    We believe that every person can best serve their team and community when they are doing something useful that they enjoy. We also believe that people enjoy their work more when they understand the goals toward which they are working, and the importance of this work for themselves and others. We respect and maintain a healthy work-life balance for ourselves and within our teams and communities.

  • Development

    Learning is a constant, important component of our lives. We are ready to change for the better. We readily share information and resources with our team members and community if we feel it may be useful for them. We are open to learning from the experience of others.

  • Responsibility

    We are prepared to take on important tasks and invest all effort necessary to complete them well. We readily ask for help when we realize that we cannot properly or promptly handle a given task. We boldly and honestly acknowledge and overcome any negative consequences that may arise from our actions. With courage and goodwill, we can say no to people if their proposed actions conflict with our values.

  • Trust

    We are ready to look for good intentions in the words and actions of each person. We put trust in people from the beginning, not waiting for factual proof or confirmation of their reliability or honesty. Within our team and our community, we build lasting confidence in one another through practicing successful cooperation. With courage and goodwill, we remedy situations that can damage our atmosphere of mutual trust.

  • Respect

    We are ready to look for a grain of truth and beauty in every person, and to behave accordingly. We accept that different people may have beliefs that differ from ours. We believe that we can successfully unite the interests of different people, and we constantly look for ways to make all our interactions as beneficial as possible.

Our Team

Our Partners