City Workshop is an open platform for all who are interested in the development of Cherkasy’s urban environment to communicate and interact. From July 1st  through 8th, 2017, an open pavilion by the Regional History Museum acted as a platform for lectures, workshops, and presentations.

Together with guest experts and city residents, we discussed the pressing problems of our city and look for solutions. We studied successful cases of urban transformation from around Ukraine and generated ideas for Cherkasy.

One focus of this project became the rethinking of the plaza by the Regional History Museum and the generation of ideas for the defunct fountain there.

We led Cherkasy’s first children’s architectural workshop together with experts from the Children’s Architectural School in Kharkiv.

Participants in the children’s workshop gathered information about the defunct fountain and went through all the stages of making an architectural concept for it.

At the same time, a group of adults was also working on solutions for the fountain and the plaza by the museum. Architects, designers, and local researchers under the curation of Urban Curators (Kyiv) participated in a three-day workshop to look for new uses for the defunct fountain.

The resulting concept is available here.

Additional details about the project are available on the City Workshop Facebook page.