Ukraina: More than a Movie Theater

This is a cross-sectoral project about one of our favorite themes – city spaces. In early 2019 we found out that the Ukraina Movie Theater was on the threshold of major change. In order to choose the right way forward, it was necessary to properly research the condition of the building. For this reason, in March 2019 we initiated and carried out a shared project together with the theater’s administrators: a four-day workshop to work on a development concept for the theater.

We involved experienced advisors from Kyiv and formed a multidisciplinary team of architects, designers, journalists, economists, and local activists. For four days these team members researched positive examples from other cities, examined the spaces and grounds of the theater, conducted a sociological survey, analyzed the current economic context, and consulted with various experts and city administration representatives.

This working group then generated many thoughtful solutions that applied not only to the theater itself, but to its operations and business model. The results of this work were presented to the public on the final day of the workshop. You can familiarize yourself with the concept here.

We are continuing to work with the theater’s administrators to create a high-quality communications strategy with the city public and strengthen the theater’s social function. Follow the Ukraina Movie Theater’s Facebook page for updates.

If you are interested in collaborating with the Ukraina Movie Theater, contact project coordinator Anastasia Ivchenko: +38 093 074 5290.