The goal of this project is to unite progressive designers, architects, and business owners together with Cherkasy city administration in the creation of signs and advertisements that fit harmoniously into the city’s environment.

13412965_1026900804053630_2274475896067203037_nThe first event of this project, the Signage LAB Hackathon, was held June 18-19, 2016 in Cherkasy and brought a team of designers together to come up with alternatives to real cases of the current arrangement of city spaces, to bring them more in line with global trends and norms.

The results of the design hackathon were met with enthusiastic feedback from citizens who supported the idea of changing signage and external advertisements in Cherkasy.

The next step in this project was to collaborate with the city’s design and advertising department to create visual guidelines for the placement of signs in our city. We wanted this process to be open and to factor in the interests of all stakeholders: building owners and renters, advertising agencies, citizens, and city administrators. Therefore, in September 2018 we facilitated a discussion meeting, “Cherkasy Signage: Overload”, where participants could propose their own vision and ideas.

After this meeting, an expert working group handled the technical task of creating the guidelines, keeping in mind the meeting participants’ suggestions. They worked on the design code for two months, and in late November 2018 we presented a beta version of the guidelines and received a lot of positive feedback. Our partners from Kremenchuk also invited us to present the design code in their city, so we shared our experience at their event, “How to organize street advertising in Kremenchuk?”.

We have begun to actively distribute the guidelines among advertising agencies and their customers. We also offer the services of our architects and designers in the making of quality mock-ups of signs and advertisements. If customers choose to create their advertisements based on these mock-ups, then our services are free of charge.

You can download the guidelines, “Design Code for Building Facades of the City of Cherkasy” here.

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