This project aims to share necessary knowledge for understanding our modern world and attaining self-realization in it. It all started with lectures from the Open University of Maidan in February 2015, which planted in us the idea to continue this format in Cherkasy.

11535861_876818005724872_6323138562353079793_nThen an OUM center opened in our city, and within that structure we began to give open lectures, trainings, and seminars. The theme of non-formal education for the modern person turned out to be a broad one, and much needed. Therefore, we expanded the content of our events to include topics ranging from time management and finding your purpose, to harmonious parenting and healthy eating.

KA-FRA0dSjAWe and the progressive Cherkasy companies we call our partners continued this work by carrying out a series of open-air educational events – “summer lectures” – in the summer of 2016.


Since getting our educational space in 2018, we’ve continued to give open lectures ourselves, and have also provided our space as a venue for other initiatives and organizations to hold their events.

We ran a lecture series called “Best Practices of Communities” in which Cherkasians who have lived abroad, or foreigners who live in Cherkasy, could share their experiences about how life is organized in other cities and countries.

We are open to collaboration in the running of open educational events in Cherkasy.  To discuss the details of such opportunities in more detail, please contact Daryna Podolian.