Promolod has been running this social projects incubator in Cherkasy for five years already. We work so that Cherkasy residents can transform their ideas and energy into real projects that change the city for the better.

To make this happen, we run a series of free trainings, and then work together with each participant on his or her idea. We cultivate an environment that inspires and energizes participants, and provide them with mentorship throughout the implementation of their projects.


In the course of four years, incubator participants and winners have implemented 32 projects, including art and sport festivals, educational courses, volunteerism tours, creative community service outings, workshops, and many others. Ten of these projects have grown into self-sustaining organizations and businesses.

We have become convinced that participating in IAR spreads the “activism virus”, which motivates participants to take on additional new projects, developing both themselves and the space around them.

For IAR 2019 we want to gather enthusiastic and courageous people who are ready to bring their ideas to life and make Cherkasy a desirable city for living.  

Five winners of this year’s incubator will gain ongoing mentorship for their projects and will travel to Europe for an educational tour.

You can read about the conditions and incubator schedule in more detail by clicking here or on our Facebook page.

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Previous IAR winners:


A series of practical lessons on first home care for children. “Faster is faster!”. Project author: Lyudmila Kryvenko

2-month training course for PR-managers of social projects, Cherkasy school PR Network. Project author:  Irina Semenova

-Lecture course for people who want to recycle organic waste at home, Food Recycling. Project author:Natalia Korol

Weekly Music Camp Within Town for Families with Preschool Children “Urban Music Camp”.  Project author: Anna Kharlamova


– School for Cultural Project Managers. Project author: Viktoria Lavrentieva

Caring Toward Yourself: Support for mothers experiencing postpartum depression. Project author: Tatiana Rodyna

Test Out Professions: Summer practicum for high school students.  Project author: Anna Hromadska

Social PR Agency: Social and traditional media promotion of community initiatives. Project author: Iryna Semenova


Open-air psychology university. Project author: Inna Chenbay

– Electronic bicycle parking in Cherkasy. Project author: Vitaliy Pitvalo

Сherkasy Debate Club. Project author: Serhiy Hannitskyi

Elementary music-making studio for children. Project authors: Tetiana Volochay & Anna Komkina

PreciousLab open eco-workshop. Initial project author: Lida Kryshtop.

– Simple Answers to Complex Questions – an interactive family game show. Project authors: Natalia Korol and Lyudmila Marchenko

– 30 Days of Family Karate – an active family project. Project author: Maryna Reshetnyak


Hi-Teens – a project for developing teens’ IT skills. Project author: Yuriy Romanov

Travel-fest #SIDIDOMA: A festival about travels, wanderings, and adventures. Project author:  Anastasia Moskova

-Communal Evenings – a project to bring together and activate communities of people living in multi-story buildings and inspire them to action. Project author: Denys Andrushchenko

Musical Premieres of Ukraine – a festival of academic music. Project author: Yevhenia Marchuk

The Way to your New Self – social and adaptive services for women who have experienced domestic violence. Project author: Anna Tarapata

Orator’s Platform – a platform for learning public speaking skills. Project author: Olena Zheleznyak



Fitness Open Air: Outdoor workout session . Project author: Alina Kotolup

Help & Travel tour of Cherkasy Region. Project authors: Yelizaveta Pobyvanets & Yana Balshova

Forest Space: Renovation of the summer theater, Project authors: Yelizaveta Pobyvanets & Yana Balshova

Clean Wave: Creative community service outings. Project author: Yanina Bakradze.

Urbanan art space. Project author: Daryna Diachok

CheLive Music Festivals. Project author: Andriy Panychenko